Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sean Lyman Frasier video, news items, and America's favorite pitbull in lipstick

Check out this awesome link from O Sweet Flowery Roses poetry megastar Sean Lyman Frasier. Is this guy awesome or what? Other newsworthy items from the O Sweet Flowery side of the tracks: -A few months ago (early August), OSFR held it's first reading. Since then, I have encountered technical snags in editing the readings, but hope to have them fixed by November. Additionally, another reading will be exploding onto the scene much, much sooner than way, way later. -If you have submitted and anxiously await the debut of your poems...don't worry! Our inbox is slightly packed, but we're dealing with it day b'day. -Got any Sarah Palin poems? Send'em thisaway for our first mass post from various poets on a theme. Why? Because.