Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Featured Poet: Christopher Mulrooney

"Christopher Mulrooney has written poems in Guarnica, Vanitas, Beeswax, The Deliquent, Moloch, and fourW"

...And now, on O Sweet Flowery Roses. -ed.

        the poisoner’s wife

        in the cool like lemonade

        of a hot summer’s day he went

        as though it were unto a pool

        the sodium he administered

        made us a great salt cellar

        with appurtenances of a modern-day Cellini

        the furnishings and fixtures round the pool

          the ask it man

          in his pastel dragon shirt

          slack pantaloons

          steely hair and frames

          he gives the world of information

          the virtual sign of no more hope

          beyond a certain point

          and thence no whence

          new faces of whenever

          there is such an arduous

          songbook in every generation

          you can’t say this is

          such a tonsillectomy

          without you calling you such hogs

          with a hoot in a holler

          utterly disregarded

          save for the return cantillation