Thursday, October 16, 2008

Featured Poet: Michael Weems

"Michael Weems is a proud Yankee and graduate of Lyndon State College in Vermont with a BS in Psychology. Since migrating away from the below zero temperatures, he's become an NYC based playwright/writer with 6 productions this year and 4 publications and actor where he resides with his gorgeous wife, overstuffed dvd and book shelves, and his baby son. He divides his free time between a burgeoning gambling addiction and getting ridiculously lost in Central Park." 'Reborn' Water means to be a wounding apology Charging with abandon towards a sweeter kind of living Waiting for morning light to shine down on the horizon and Wash away the ash and embers Silence spoke before it was over It parked itself outside my window and Watched as I chased it away once again Silence idled at the street corner underneath a street sign 'No standing anytime' An audible sighed, Silence carried on 'Freedom' Off came the crown Metallic clamors echoing throughout the barren hallways Rolling back towards the throne and Resting aside the chairs' staunch wooden legs Two red rubies fall free from their home, once proudly residing high atop his head, Now settle on the cold stone floor 'Coverage' One pays to cry A fee for falling apart The capacity of emotions overflows, dripping into welcome ears and pockets They retreat until next time knowing that someday the floodgates will burst wide open