Saturday, October 4, 2008


--Another reading soon? Why yes, thank you. It will be in early November, and we are currently looking for NYC area poets to come out to Williamsburg for a night of quality poetry and low-quality beer. Our last reading was great, and I am still in the process of submitting it to NYC public access for a half hour special on TV. --Notes on the editor: In this fun book by Vladimir Nabokov called Pale Fire, a poet named John Shade dies mysteriously, and his epic-poem manuscript falls into the hands of his editor, Charles Kinbote, a self-obsessed delusional prone to bouts of embellishment and rambling. At the risk of becoming my own Kinbote, I feel compelled to answer some questions by some poets who have submitted...I've had a few people ask me where my poems can be read, since I actually haven't submitted any on here yet. You can find two in the July issue of MiPOesias, which can be seen at this link. Just click the bottom right picture of the woman riding the carousel and I'm hiding somewhere in the text. It's free to download. Also, feel free to dig this poem in this month's issue of Slurve. How many poetry sites provide a trading card? Finally, on Halloween, the aptly named journal Spooky Boyfriend will feature one of my poems in their upcoming issue. --Notes on the electronic future: if you have any videos of readings(s) or poem(s) you would like linked from OSFR, send'em along! We can post them, or at least post links to them. Why not force Youtube to be a participant in the Flowery Revolution? --Serial and Milk: Here's the score...WE at OSFR don't really mind having poems you have published elsewhere up here. But most other journals do. Thus, please don't submit stuff to OSFR that you have published on other sites. We don't aim to step on any unnecessary toes. --Blogpals: If you have a blog, you can send the link to it along with your submission, if you so choose. Why? Because we will put a link to it up. Ron Silly-man (good one, me--ed.) has a huge list of all the blogs he likes and reads, and I think we can use such a list to open the site up to a more community-driven atmosphere. -Anybody know where our site counter went? That's the news for now...keep reading, keep submitting, and, in the words of EliteXC fighter Brett "The Grim" Rogers, "we does work...we do's work." -Russell Jaffe