Friday, October 10, 2008

Featured Poet: Francis DiClemente

"I am a writer in Syracuse, New York, and I am submitting three poems for your consideration.

I received a bachelor's degree in communications/journalism from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, and a master's degree in film/video from American University in Washington, DC. I have worked in both print and broadcast journalism at various outlets throughout the U.S., and I am currently employed as a video producer at Syracuse University."


Vagabond bones creakin’ down the road,

bound for somewhere in-between,

a home-sweet-home dissenter,

relishing the unknown.



A courtship of contempt,

filled with swirling fury and churning angst,

not halted by the hands of God.

Zealous rituals express unwavering faith,

and outstretched arms set hearts aflame.

Trees topple under a crescent moon –

a gleaming scythe that carves the frost-burnt night,

invoking stones to crush the gnarled root,

as fragments of salvation disintegrate

into insurmountable self-hate.


Inaudible Expression

A great sigh emitted,

arising and then dissipating,

but remaining forever unheard,

the echo of a soul reverberating,

in recognition of the inexorable.