Saturday, October 4, 2008

Featured Poet: Caroline O'Connor-Thomas

"Caroline O'Connor-Thomas is currently a student at the University of Southern Maine. She currently works on the university's literary journal, Words and Images and was a participant in the 2008 Stonecoast Writers Conference. She enjoys being in places she's never been before and thinks poetry has the power to caress you or punch you (both outcomes are equally delightful.)" O Sweet Flowery Roses...perhaps the hottest emerging e-journal of poetry in existence today? Caroline O'Connor-Thomas...collegiate phenom and literary franchise player of Troy, NY? Isn't it time the two came together, not unlike those Uncrustable snacks with peanut butter and jelly rolled into one flavorful amalgamation within? We think so. Happiness the happiness that i ask for it is always coming true - like the swing of any hammer constant or the ringing of bells. The right ear suffers too two days later i feel the drink ebb towards my stomach as though to rot it. inappropriate of me to upset myself with all the company about, we turn our cheek, flushed cheek to the night to avoid dampened sparks of speech from uninvited passers, tongues thick with months of coiling inward. But the left ear suffers, even after two hours of suckling in the room. the laughter draws heavy, so we dance on the porch (as i dream exactly one night later) - and your voice coughs back words words words and i blush, cover my mouth and watch the colors blur, the meaning exits silent then speaks as though We have understood and we have not been split apart.