Thursday, October 9, 2008

Featured Poet: Marcus Dupuy

"Marcus Dupuy, Bay Shore NY, 11706" It's true: Marcus Dupuy's bio is simply where he resides. It's also true that each poem title does end with an asterisk but there are no footnotes (or any sort of notations) pointing to what the asterisk may be referenced. No judgment! Enjoy the poems. Feel free, however, to submit a full bio up to a paragraph long and a photo as well! The Senseless* It's too loud in his house, Like the rest of his projects To let any sense of sin rest on his conscience Deaf from the proletariat groans of his pocket Blind from the diminutive rays he enlarges Straining his limbs for some pain to involve with, The bitter scraps tainted by fangs of his bosses To drown out the odor of the brimstone he's lost in. Survival is key; the rat race is godless... Recovery* I'm not a crack baby; I'm not a crack teen, I'm just a product of 1 of regans crack fiends It's been 20 years, It's been a bad dream It's been a battle with the have-not and have-seen It's been a massacre, This is the last scene They think the roles we're imposed on the casts' genes That's according to the warden with the latch keys Telling us, allegories 'bout black esteem, Being enrolled in black schools with black deans Who walked the road and know about the cracked seams Cracked the code, the cracker and the cracks pleased It's been a dog chase, They stay at max speed It's if our balls break, It's if our raps clean, It's if we all state, It's if we athletes, "Its if its owed to us", whatever that means It's either that or clean the room when the class leaves Help Yourself* Just enough chicken soup for my starving soul. Unjustified rest needed for the common cold blood that my heart withholds. Take two but don't call me in the morning while the same white clouds are still swarming around my nest like hornets challenge an unmindful opponent. Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, Now speak The tongue of the beast with ease. And come back contaminated. Misuse the truths of my quarantine And try to find peace In the bed I've made To lessen the pain of my better days Waiting for my God to bless you?