Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There is only death in this valley

Frequent viewers have probably noticed a lack of new poetry pouring in at the rate of 5 poets every 4 seconds. I am currently in the process of both finishing graduate school, packing for a major move to New York City, and selling things on Craigslist.
Speaking of which, anyone need a bedframe?
The site will go back to it's normal rate of games and poetry really soon. Until then, please amuse yourself by submitting, because while we have viewers from around the country and world, very few of them actually submit. Why? I wonder this often. Have you read the poetry on this site? It's all across the board, lyric, confessional, formulaic, experimental, etc etc etc etc! I mean, look; no one is thinking you are good or bad. They are soaking in the sharing of art and, thus, the shared capabilities of positive construction. The transmission of shared or abstract though.
You should submit and end this desert.
I will be back to maintaining and soliciting people in no time. Until then, remember:
May as well submit and shut me up.