Monday, May 5, 2008

GAMES OF POETIC CONSTRAINT: Dictionary of Misued Words

I just learned about this game from Fred Burwell, the former publisher / editor of Acorn Whistle magazine. He's a mind filled with great ideas for poetry, publishing, and fun games.
This is a game he plays with his son:
Find a word in the dictionary that you don't know. Based on the way the word sounds or looks, create a new definition and explain it.
This can be done again and again with a whole bunch of words, and then perhaps strung together as one poem.
I think it's an interesting way to displace the lexicon, and many L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets would be beaming proud!

Take this also as a call for submissions of magnetic board poetry, which I will be putting some of on the site. I mean, for the obsessive poet, it's Magnetic Mecca. Fun, constraining, and just open ended enough to allow for some interesting verse.
Oh yes, may I please ask that you gaze upon a picture of me holding the latest issue of Columbia Poetry Review.

If you noticed that the copy is upside down, 500 friendship points for you.