Sunday, May 11, 2008

Featured Poet: Tony Downs

"My background (related to poetry/writing)...I've written and had produced NUMEROUS songpoems and have thus far managed to get two of them played on Canadian radio recently...
A friend of mine, Gary Forney, directed me to your site (which is GREAT by the way) and suggested I send you some poetry and a pic...I thought that sounded like fun, so here's what I have:"

1990 POEM

Dirt road, grains of the past,
Pains remain as stains that last,
Shadows hide in the setting sun,
Rising nocturnal creatures on the run,
Chasing that prey, begins their new day,
time staggers down the line,
Though time's frozen in my rolling mind,

Expectations, manifestations,
elations, relations,
hesitations scorch the Earth,
revelations wield the torch,
headed for my rotted porch,
to rock and talk for what it's worth,

Put on a smile, act real keen
Life's mask is Halloween,
Unpleasantries cast asunder,
Grinning wide, hiding from that thunder,
A warning throng, a fighter's song,
But we're about peace, no need to point out how they're wrong,

Once we were but now we're one,
Gone in light, strikes by guns,
Dissolved to ash and pages past,
Under feet of those that dash,
those that stop and ponder true,
The loss of time and gonner youth,
Dirt road, grains of the past,
First is first and past is last,

The sonic void, the sound erupts,
The vocal stylings of those we trust,
feed us oh sonic lust,
disgust is dust soaring on,
feed us oh sonic lust,
Shake those hands, wring them too,
Freeways, driveways, sing that tune,
under banners, locked in manners,
step in time,
Mannequins on display, then it's check out time,
behind the plaster, watch the master,
rake it in like swine,
rake it in you're fine,
take it in and spin your mind,
Those in possession, step to the procession,
what's your confession?
Did you learn your lesson?
Is it truly learned when your soul's on ice?
Is it truly earned when they know your price?
Ignore what's pure,
Ignore what's sure,
Ignore the score as the score Ignores from shore to shore,
Collapse back to the somber,
The void is destroyed by the sonic bombers,
their next creation sold on high,
Buy into the next big lie...
as the feathers drop one by one, till all is done,
till all is done, till all is done...


Prismic wonder, emerald creation,
shimmering bliss, dismissing elation,
come to the time of the shallow,
run to the wine of the gallows,
We're born to the century of our time of wonder,
whips, guns, axes and the chisels of our timely thunder,
warriors crushed, souls spilled forward free,
The time is now for our eternity,
Mugs raised high with the brew of knowledge,
Drugs defy the cruel new college,
Root for the team that crushed the dreams of yet another,
I'm calling you now my sisters and brothers,
It matters not what side you're on,
It matters not what you're hiding from,
It matters not what you're dividing one,
The one that gave you all that's free,
that dark enticement liberty,
the spark ignites calamity,
if you never learn to damn the dreams you've seen,
For now is day, a time of ale,
The wind is right for pushing the sail,
Out into seas of emerald creation,
shimmering bliss, dismissing elation,