Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Re-Featured Poet: Andrew Lundwall

What can I say about Andrew Lundwall that I haven't said already and that isn't evidenced by his poems? His Scantily Clad Press is working with an awesome concept: e-chapbooks. Some really great stuff there, and his site is a good friend of this site. He has resubmitted more poems, and I am happy to publish them. Please enjoy.

From the BOOK of HOW

How is everything that it promises to be how is my book being received how misspell your sister’s name how are the wife and kids how’s Arthur Rimbaud how’s her sun equate how to set an example how to get acquainted how did where’d you go what’s going on I don’t understand how exalt a thing so holy as my typing this is not profound rather a guard-rail around everything that’s ever been familiar to you in some capacity like that night oh well I won’t mention that again I promise how’s your high going how about you leave how about a moment or two alone to collect my thoughts how about butterfly how about how she said that reminded me of everything that’s wrong how metaphysical how it felt to be so small how’d you get to grow so big how about something to drink how about a beer how about a whiskey on the rocks how about cursive handwriting how about that how do you sleep at night how about we put on some records and dance in our underwear how’d the ceiling fall in our sleep how awake and wide the field as it lays there like a blanket how about kicking yr habit getting your life in order and shit how about we take a trip somewhere far away how apathetic how it all went in the passenger side window how hollow the tree that fell how to get painting and panting how her bizarre geography caused the mind-altering shipwrecked shriek in the sky how like you how could we be so soon content how can anybody how what her dreaming gave how the content had exceeded its limit how pornography affects the mind how American how scientific how proportionate how offensive how the front lawn had given out beneath us how to please your lover



would that it were


quiet front lawn tongue's bricks just lay there stunned under sun


daisy = navel fascination


in charlotte


discuss like saucers


dinosaurs long-legged hurtle over moon

high on hardcore nooner's shifty feet on room's floor

scrape on knee she'd said was an accident

avoid shadows take risks repeatedly

knees knocking consider an anchor to consume better

is outerspace because you understand more than they'd wish to intimate

complaint wind which i cannot stand little else