Saturday, May 3, 2008

O Sweet Flowery Update

Well. it's been three days.
I have been watching you, reader.
I have a site counter, and it tells me where people are lookin' from! I have found your secret spying nooks.
We have people checking out the blog from Canada, Spain, Croatia, England, and India. Yes, India! We have people reading the blog from all accross the US of A.
But where are the submissions?
I, your editor in chief, am moving soon, and plan to being a new phase of promotion at readings and events in NYC. Until then, however, people should feel free to share and care.
If you are reading this, please submit. No judgement. No hierarchial contests. No rejection slips or scoffs. You have a home here.
One of us!
Please, if not for the site, think of Becky. She really wants to read more poems.