Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ultra Mega Reading @ Bushwick Public Library!

Event time. There's going to be an awesome 4 Corners Reading of Fantastic Amazement at the Bushwick Public Library this Saturday, December 13 from 3-5 pm. Readers include poets Patrick Rosal, Emily Reardon, novelist Paul Rome, and me, Russell Jaffe, who you may remember from O Sweet Flowery Roses. Now, before I start blurring into territory, I'm not just propagandizing my own readings here(and I guess my secret, omniscient control of this site is all too apparent)...I was invited by *THE* Niina Pollari, OSFR alum and editor of At-Large Magazie, who you can meet live and in person! WOW! Here's the address:
340 Bushwick Ave. at Seigel St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Here's how to get there. Plus, our SECOND READING is coming up on Jan. 22, and if you want to read, email quick as a bunny because the spots are almost all filled. Be there or be shaped like this: There is no reason for anybody to be shaped like this. -Russell