Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Featured (Christmas) Poet: Mary Brown

ATTENTION ALL FLOWERIES: It's Christmas time, and you know what that means...fierce competition from that dastardly Hannukkah (my Grandma is still fuming at me for missing her Matzo Ball soup), 20% more effigies of the baby Christ on people's lawns, and, of course, miracles. This isn't quite a full fledged, part-the-red-seas type, as such...but it's been lingering in the O Sweet Flowery mailbag line and deserves to be brought out. Tis' the Season. Remember: JAN 22 IS THE NEXT READING XXXTRAVAGANZA. "Hi, I'm an out of touch poet, Mary Brown, from small town Oklahoma. I took up writing again to fill a void, and am more thankful than ever for creative outlets! Here is my first poem in years." Time is irrelevant in a world of you, But still it feels wasted. I'm strong, yet helpless, my weakness was you, And still I wasted away. Rebuilding is starting new. Time was wasted building a life unused. So much time I wasted. Worlds of life are floating by Far from my grasp. Time spent chasing another world that's not real Time I wasted to become your ideal Helplessly wasting away. Now life has no weight, my roots are dry. I have nothing green, nothing new, Any life I had I gave to you, I wasted away. Winter has settled deep in my veins yet time is on my side, for Spring is coming!