Wednesday, December 3, 2008

O! Sweet! Comeback!

NEWS ALERTS: First of all, we humbly announce our SECOND READING X X X TRAVAGANZA. Same place as before in Williamsburg, but this time on Thursday, January 22. I will be tapping some old friends and well as requesting new ones for this upcoming reading. The lineup is already being compiled, so if you are interested, please email us and we will set you up. There's a full bar this time, too. 698 Flushing Ave. #1F (1 block from Flushing stop on JMZ, 2 from Flushing stop on G) Brooklyn, NYC Second of all: This awesome e-journal, run by multi-talented one man poetry onslaught Andrew Lundwall, publishes chapbooks of poetry, many of which are written by OSFR featured poets, including Juliet Cook, Brooklyn Copeland, Daniella Olszewska, and myself. Mine was released just a few days ago. Third, Third, Sylvia Plath style Third: I've been making a secret comeback after taking a month or so from writing anything, and even longer due to work, schedule, and a long, dejecting streak of rejections. But I urge everyone who reads and writes, established or no, to make your secret comeback public here on O Sweet Flowery Roses. Oh, and if you have some Sarah Palin poems lying around, why not air that laundry here? XOXO! Russell Jaffe Editor-in-Chief