Saturday, September 27, 2008

O Sweet Flowery Roses is an award winner!

The Art of Definition, in conjunction with the open-minded, free spirited nature of poetry and communication inherently underlying the poetry blog community, has given us a TOTALLY SWEET AWARD! This is the Premio Arte Y Pico award we can really be proud of. Why? Because it's an award by a poet reading poetry who reads this site. This award represents the spirit of O Sweet Flowery Roses; it's a do-it-yourself way to insert oneself into the arts community, which is not a community of closed mindedness and social snobbery. Rather, this award places a reader and writer in the valued role of critic and respectable authoritarian, while also taking presumptive measures to place O Sweet Flowery Roses in the role of arts journal worthy of criticism. This is fun, excellent news. It means a lot to be a part of something creative like this, wherein critics are not necessarily highfalutin, scrutionous hawks high atop some pre-existing aerie of poetic tradition and legacy. A critic, just like a poet, artist, writer, et. al. can be anybody responding. Keep reading and please...keep submitting! We have some things coming up but more things wanted. If you are reading and haven't submitted...why not take a walk on the flowery side? Best, Russell Jaffe