Saturday, July 26, 2008

Introducing...ONSIE TWOSIES

This is the hottest new poetry form sweeping the editor's apartment. Join the Onesie Twosie wave. Here's how they work: A poem is done with a title, underlined, and one line under it. Thus, it's not clear whether it is a one or two line poem, because the function of the title is to elaborate on / juxtapose itself to the first line. Now that you have mastered this confusing form, please enjoy these Onesie Twosies by Russell Jaffe, editor of this site. Please feel free to send your own. OH YEAH. Before I get going, how could I have forgotten to drop another reminder about our *FABULOUS FIRST READING?* Why, it's just one post below this one. Middle class struggle I jammed the copier 5 times today. Plath Revisited Poem, Poem, Poem Freedom to: I've seen many women tattoo the names of their boyfriends and husbands on their arms. Had I realized I would have, still What my heart is: an apple. What my heart is: Variations of (a) skull. The source of it, myself, complaining by night. Candles: most of them blown out. Still a room. The herald of the atomic age my father, smiling, by his new DVD burner Conversations, etc. Uncertainties on an infinite loop. That man's beard wet galloshes Sexton would approve The poem! Oh, paternal poem. I'm building something. What is it? Manta Ray time: wings, shallow water, clouds Coney Island For it is beloved; it must be shut down. Odysseus Camped, looked out; ultimately was. Happy Birthday Becky! Though you ultimately deserve a good one. The Jellyfish No coast. No coast at all. Iron Skillet A floor made of wood. Moths think light bulbs are the moon destined for space, sky, boundless anyway These are Onesie Twosies done collaboratively with Becky Dewing. My favorite day at the ball game. Cats all around us Old age as threatening as my next birthday Cats all around us What'll we do?! An inconsequential act I have it in my head, but I don't know how to say it. Cats all around us at the ball game Whose turn is it? Our turn now. Our turn now: What's that guy doing tomorrow? Seduction of the innocent Photos of babies dressed in costumes. There, I noticed birds: they were chirping and they were- America's favorite pass-time: Growing old with cats. What my heart's made of: cotton candy, thumbtacks, coca-cola. Teresa says, "Don't give up." She's someone I know just ok. This is why I smiled: cats all around us. No water today. No lemonade ever. This is an important list: I'll never give in.