Saturday, July 19, 2008

Featured Poet: Christian Williams

"I do not prefer to speak of myself in third person. Christian

Thank you." Well, she doesn't have much to say in the way of a bio. BUT she has a *PHOTO*, and that's an added bonus! Oh yeah...and she has some poems. REMEMBER: It is not too late to sign up for the reading, which will be taking place August 8 or 9. Don't worry, don't worry...the official announcement is coming...enjoy these P O E M S.


Your lips, your heart speaks of kind.

You wish a wish of contentment: a friend would stay

around and talk of the day, maybe the weather and how

it is just right for a walk.

The lillies distictively cultivated to their taste, medicinal.

The characteristics of erect stalks and yellow common sunflowers.

We are growing.

I knock twice, a musical tone for the light hearted.

Would you like to go for a walk?


Gold. I know nothing of gold. I heard there was gold in California, but that was a long time ago. Mariah Carey has made Glitter since then, and my entire perception has changed. About California and gold. New York, now that is where the crazy people are. Makes me smile. Just walk along and you hear a toot. .. a lady you . Keep walking. A lady needs a drink, and some sex and she offers some of both. if I'm willing for love, if we can find it together. Live happily ever after, Of course I say yes. No, I'm kidding. But, I do politely thank her for the offer extended and keep on walking. I'm on mushrooms. I may be making all this all up. No. yes. This was a long time ago. I don't remember fully walking around the corner of sixth and something French and I hear, "Holy shit! Goddamn! Momma, it's Jesus Christ!", and he's serious. It was Jesus. It was Halloween and Jesus was riding a horse. He may have been a police officer. -He may have been a homosexual. I just wanted to be his friend, talk to him for awhile, ask him where he was from.

I Pray

I pray, and Angel's talk to me. I walk, and Angel's walk beside me. I speak, and God speaks through me. I listen and God knows, I am filled with gratitude, and God blesses me again.