Friday, May 1, 2009

Triple threat: Call for submissions, Applewood Revue event, Robert Walton poem

Why, you should hop on the wild ride and submit poems to O Sweet Flowery Roses. Yes, event time is upon us once again. Sean Lyman Frasier + Michael Gorman's Applewood Revue is a-rollin' into Brooklyn on its steam-powered go-matic contraption. The last one of these I went to absolutely brought the house down; it was the kind of magical event that makes people migrate to legendary New York City. The folk songs were fun and uplifting, the poetry was poignient, and the music of the band Go Cat Go was nothing short of a metaphysical feeling wherein the waters of the mind's most beutiful creek flowed between the hard tin camping vessels for water (which doubled as drums) all within the confines of Flushnik Studios. I strongly urge anyone in the NYC area to truck/boat/plane it out for this one. The details: Flusnik Studios 698 Flushing Ave Brooklyn NYC 7:30 PM doors open and FREE food served (Editor's note: the food is really amazing. Do not do like your humble editor and gorp down 9 lbs of pizza before a party with delicious homemade pasta and fresh baked bread) 8:00 PM performances begin Free Entry, Free Food, Cheap Drinks (You may BYOB) Spoken word performers: Susan Brennan, Niall Connolly, Liz Afton, Ed Malone, and Sean Lyman Frasier Musicians: Alexa Woodward, Jo Williamson, Bern and the Brights, and Michael Gorman Robert Walton didn't send anything but this poem, which I think is befitting of the revival-stylings of the upcoming Applewood Revue performance. Poem by Robert Walton: Above Parker Lake Snowmelt waterfall Bursting bright, Crystal tresses flung Across ebon cliffs - Impatient girl With all of time To brush your hair But none to spare This morning.