Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured Poet: Thomas "Kaysen" Fraker

NEWS: The winner of the DJANGO Award will be announced by the end of this week (April 20-26) POETRY: Kaysen sent but one poem with no bio. In lieu of the very long featured poetry que, I thought I would put this one up for today. "I'm 18 years old and 5'10, 280 lbs. My name's Thomas Fraker but i prefer to be called Kaysen. I've been writing for years and honestly dislike most of my work. Others say its good, but i like few of my own poems. Hopeful you will like the one I've picked to submit."


The vampire in the alley

the monster under your bed

the shadow in your closet

the demon in your nightmares

The thought that shakes you at night

the form that haunts your dreams

violates your body

with a laugh that chills your soul

Your heart will race

your mind will scream

your soul will squirm

but your body won't move

Frozen in fear

staring at your nightmare

born into reality



from something that only you can see

everyone laughing as you run by

not knowing what’s really chasing you

They will know

when your mangled body

found in the alley

is left with

No heart

no mind

and worst of all

no soul

So run



like nothing else matters

Cause if it catches you

nothing else will

it will all be over

nothing left but flesh and blood

Unable to love others

unable to think for yourself

and worse