Thursday, April 23, 2009

Featured Poet: Larry Jaffe

It's true that the dastardly O Sweet Flowery Roses poetry journal asks for three poems, a brief bio, and a picture. Constraints be damned...Mr. Larry Jaffe (no relation to myself, though his name is the same as my grandfather's) sent a thick phalanx of poetry, which surrounded his massive bio. So why take the O Sweet Flowery word for it? His bio is here; Mr. Jaffe is quite the prolific poet and general artsmith.


Aesthetic waves crash

forming tender beauty

a radiant inspiration

redefines destiny

Riding strong

a spirit emerges

    – She is her own Galahad

A ripped cape

in flight

    – Escaping captivity

Tears shimmer

in sudden joy

obstacles of life


    – An empire created

Leaving her mark

in the universe

–The mirror gasps.


The Earth bleeds

we stand around

hands in pockets

some shout retaliation

some scream futility

still the earth bleeds

We proclaim peace

accuse each other

march and protest

hold hands for inner warmth

love one another with venom

still the earth bleeds

We kill songs with rocks

torture memories

plead sides

and wonder

why the Earth

still bleeds

    – Some never learn to hate

Peace is not a tourniquet

Peace is a new Earth.


I unfold



I unfold

precious wings

arc into flight

I unfold


through space

I unfold

music triumphs

in endless beat

I unfold

– I fly