Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Featured Poet: Rose Kelleher

"Rose Kelleher grew up in Massachusetts and lives in Maryland. She has worked as a technical writer and programmer, and authored four computer books. Since rediscovering poetry in recent years, Rose has published poems and essays in a variety of magazines, including Anon, Atlanta Review, and the Dark Horse, and been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize. Her first book of poems, Bundle o' Tinder, won the 2007 Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize and will be published by Waywiser Press this fall." Luny Terzanelle for Orwn The Sea of Nectar, darling, it's so beautiful this time of year! Just play it safe--stay at the Ritz. The Marsh of Mists? Too late--I fear it's gone downhill. It used to be so beautiful this time of year. Lacus Mortis? Goodness me, it's deadly dull, a crashing bore. It's gone downhill. It used to be delightful! Now it's just a chore, like Palus Nebularium. So deadly dull! A crashing bore. Palus Epidemarium? You must be mad! It's even worse than Palus Nebularium! (But if you go, do bring a nurse.) The Sea of Nectar, darling, it's the best, though hardest on the purse. Just play it safe--stay at the Ritz. Resistance Unfletched an arrow flies but rarely hits the mark; restrained it goes directly to the heart. It’s in gripping the bow and tightening the slack the archer makes an art of hold- ing back. Submission Having just slain the dragon in its lair, he’s slick with sweat and blood, and striped with weals where fiery tongue met iron mail. His hair is singed, he’s dizzy with fatigue, he reels and almost passes out, but doesn’t dare. Instead he lays a sack of bullion down, as much as he could carry back; reveals the password, but no word of his ordeals; and begging the forgiveness of the crown, lowers his eyes before the queen, and kneels.
What's this? Rose gets ONE MORE POEM? WHY? Well, because it's a onesie twosie, our first one not written by Becky or myself. They Keep Biting His Ears lucky mosquitoes