Monday, August 11, 2008

Featured Poet: Barry Frauman

“The workshop director of Chicago’s NewTown Writers, Barry Frauman has written numerous short poems, as well as longer verse narratives, which include WEST-EAST AND SHORTER POEMS, a gay male romance between an American and a Taiwanese, published in 2003 by Xlibris Corp, and the self-published SONS OF NEW TOWN, celebrating life in the area of Chicago for which NewTown Writers is named. He is working on a verse narrative LIONHEART, on England’s crusader King Richard.” Just one poem here from Barry Frauman, but it’s an epic. We embrace all kinds here, from epics to Onsie-Twosies. And that reminds me: don’t feel shy to send attempts at poetic constraint games and activities you see on this site. T Minus 6 days to the reading… .