Monday, April 28, 2008

Elbowing Off the Stage: For Those (in Chicago and) About to Rock, (poetry) Salutes You!

Elbowing Off the Stage: A Community Reading 7:30 pm, Manhatten's Bar (on the corner of Dearborn and Congress in the South Loop CHICAGO Tuesday, April 29th. Featured readers include Rachel Smith, Helen Kiernan, Patrick Justice, and Heidi McKye. I will also show up to shill this very site! Will hilarity ensue? FIND OUT BY SHOWING UP! If you read the site and have yet to submit, I urge you to. Why? Because it beats having one group of people love your poem, some question it, some reject it, etc. Don't we get enough mixed messages already? I just watched a commercial for some total buffed body workout, followed by a Burger King commercial. Eat 5,000 hamburgers and then work it off. If only poetry could be spared somehow this awful wave of messages. Perhaps it can, if people keep writing and responding, thinking and sharing. Having fun and having fun. Just submit, share, and sit back and read, read, read. Xoxo!, Russell