Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Editor's Note: 4/24/08

It's about that time of year. You know what I am talking about. Christmas in April. Put away all your Passover decorations and sedar plates. It's time to get ready for phase 2 of blog-o-tron 08. Things you can expect to see in the coming week: -A site counter. This will let you know just how many oglers are ogling, and the frequency with which each ogle will occur. -I am printing business cards with site info to bring to the art gallery shows / poetry readings I go to. -I am working with the fabulously talented Columbia College poet Nicole Wilson, who runs the "Elbowing Off the Stage" reading series at Manhatten's Bar (on the corner of Dearborne and Congress in the South Loop of CHIcago.) There is a reading this coming Tuesday, and I am going to go shill the blog and have a great time hearing poems be read by poets who write them. -YOU HAVE A JOB, READER FRIEND! Please tell your friends to submit. Let it be known how powerful, cathartic, fun, etc. writing and submitting poetry can be. And also, please continue to submit. -Be on the lookout for some more good stuff, too. And don't be afraid to email or make comments with suggestions, questions, comments, concerns. -Becky Dewing, editorial assistant to the stars, will be getting more and more poems to help me go through as the site grows. We may eventually cut down to one poem / bio per poet, but that is not going to happen for at least another few weeks, which is like a lifetime in the blogosphere. Blogocube? Blogoshape. I mean, let's not label the blog here. XOXO! Russell Jaffe Editor-in-Flowers