Saturday, October 23, 2010

Travis Macdonald

Travis Macdonald's first book The O Mission Repo (an erasure of The
9/11 Commission Report) is available from Fact-Simile Editions
( and his second collection, N7ostradamus, was released
by BlazeVox ( in late 2010. Basho's Phonebook, an e-chap of
experimental translations, is available from E-ratio
( Other work has appeared in print and
online journals worldwide. He is currently in the midst of relocating to
Philadelphia from Santa Fe, NM.

3 excerpts from Sonnet 86

Making their tomb wherein they grew?

Bringing into certain
form, from one state
to another, the nominative plural.
Possessive of people in general,
an excavation
in earth or rock
for the burial of a corpse or
any sepulchral structure
in which, contained,
the nominative plural of people
(in general) came to be
by a gradual process.
Or, by degrees
of accretion; became.

Was it his spirit, by spirits taught to write

To occupy a place or position in
past tense, the player called up-
on to perform an act.
That or those be-
longing to him: the principle
of conscious life, the vital principle
animating the body or mediating between
the body and soul with something. At stake
on an attitude that inspires,
animates or pervades. Thought,
feeling and action caused.
To learn by example or experience
with the resultant condition of  the composition
of words and characters duly set down.

Above a mortal pitch, that struck me dead?

In, at or to
a higher place
overhead upstairs in the sky:
a certain particular
pertaining to death.
The degree of inclination
or slope as subject.
Or object as relative,
clause thrust forcibly.
The objective case
of I, incapable
of being
emotionally moved
bereft of sensation, extinguished.