Thursday, January 8, 2009


Editor-in-Chief Russell Jaffe wants to know... ...are YOU READY for O SWEET FLOWERY READING II?!?!?! Here's who's ready for certain: Sean Lyman Frasier, editor of Fat Candiru Press (read at the last event, too) Niina Polari, editor of At Large Magazine and facilitator of the Bushwick Public Library reading series David K. Tamura, poet and MMA trainer/afficionado Shannah Schilit, a regular jack-of-all trades artist (and prolific blogger...see?) plus myself and, so far, perhaps one or two others...I have a working list. If you want to sign up for the next reading, email us please. And keep on a'sendin. See you January 22. 8:00 pm. Flushnik Studios, 698 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn. If you don't know... you know.