Monday, June 30, 2008

Featured Poet: David K. Tamura

"I am a poet...David K. Tamura..I have been published online at Bareback.mag
these are three different poems...
thank you for reading..." Floweries, please enjoy these three poems and the bonus fun of a font change in the first one.

Subway dawn


I walk a thousand subway steps

to reach for the exit

The sun warms my face

like a million deserts

The canyons of Manhattan

fade in and out.

though I see many persons

Not one is human enough to say hello

As if wandering in the deserted city

of unwelcomes

Eyes gazing downward

I find solitude in the ipod

Softly the Night

The Cars become shadows of light that slip into emptiness

I watch her drift slowly in and out of dreams

The sunset beach, crimson

The forest of forgetfulness

The path of wonder and despair lost in the fog of forever

Rain attacks the windshield like tiny drummers with sounds of their stomachs

Hitting glass

Fresh, the air becomes hallucinatory

and seductive,

and slowly it melts.

Melts my thoughts toward infinity

That infinite quiet orgasm,

that sweetness can never touch….

That night has left its gates open for me,

To once again explore and wander down

Its numerous paths and castles..

And to find that opening…

which will allow me a glimpse of Heaven

and hell, seems so far away….


There are always mountains before me

to climb, caress and kill,

spilling narrow passages of bitter discretion.

Ghost markings guarding the passage.

Only nobility allowed to penetrate

their wishes come true…..

No admittance, intestine buried…..

the barriers always there.

Impasse, a restriction into your dreams.

We melt, fighting the extinction, the inexistence,

the forgotten, unconsciousness.

Our adherence to perservere, is our only optimism,

reassuring the belief.

The horde surges swiftly toward the


Indifferent, uninvolved, dispassionate.

Confining our journey, our ocean crossing

leading to our hearts.